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Video games and computer games that involve the American Civil War which occurred between the years 1861 and 1865.

Civil War puts the player in command of either Confederate or Union armies throughout the entirety of the war, allowing the player to build their army composition Speaking of Gettysburg, it's impossible to list off the best American Civil War games without mentioning a game about Gettysburg at least once.

A House Divided (board game) (2001). Take Command (2004) (VIDEO GAME). Forge of Freedom: The American Civil War (2006) (VIDEO GAME). The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided (2006) (VIDEO GAME). History Civil War: Secret Missions (2008) (VIDEO GAME).

American Civil War Gettysburg Gameplay. This hexagon spaced, turn-based strategy game places you in command of the Battle of Gettysburg. As an extra bonus you will see video documentaries of the historical Battle of Gettysburg as you play through the campaign.

- American Civil War: Gettysburg. - Civil War Battles: Gettysburg 1863. - Sid Meier's Antietam! - Scourge of War: Chancellorsville. - Civil War Generals 2: Grant, Lee, Sherman.

American civil warVideo Games. Video Games Encyclopedia by Grand Tactician: The Civil War is an RTS set in the realities of the American Civil War. The production focuses on a credible representation of historical realities and offers a decent level of strategic depth.

War of Rights, the massive civil-war FPS Online game from 'Campfire Games' is one of my favorite project on Steam at the moment. It is a really hard game to...

The Civil War has been an underrated subject for games and many great Civil War game titles have been created from the genius of real time strategy makers or through gaming edutainment projects like the bungled History Channel games. The Civil War is host to not only some of the greatest... American Civil War. Campaign Gettysburg: Civil War Battles Campaign Gettysburg is simply the best of all the HPS Civil War games. While all of those are very good in their own right they simply do not compete with the level of detail presented here.

The game plays similar to VG's Civil War game, especially in the way generals are handled and combat units (with a few imporvements). The card system however adds a level of historical feeling that I've not experienced in any other Civil War game. It takes the military battles and places them in...

All Games > Strategy Games > Victory and Glory: The American Civil War. Game Features. Re-fight the entire American Civil War! Play either side: Union or Confederacy. Many specialized unit types that cover everything on land and water

*UveBeenPierced has entered the game.*. UveBeenPierced: holy sshit how'd I get in here? *DOugie has entered the game.*. DOugie: woa UveBeenPierced what up man howz NH? UveBeenPierced: um... NH is good.... u still in the senate?

American Civil War: Gettysburg is a turn-based strategy title which puts you in command of the South or North during many key engagements during the Battle of Gettysburg. Take up the flag of the Confederacy or check Southern aggression with the Union in many historic missions, such as Picket's...

Video games and computer games that involve the American Civil War which occurred between the years 1861 and 1865. mk:Категорија:Видеоигри со Американската граѓанска војна.

American Civil War: Gettysburg is much more fun than reviewers typically give it. Compared to other video games, Gettysburg is so far the most realistic in terms of graphics and game play. You can hear the bullets whiz by when you zoom into the battlefield, guns crackling, and men screaming as they are...

See our Video Games Guide for more. American Civil War: From Sumter to Appomattox See more ».

Great 3D game where you find yourself in the American Civil War. Your task will be to control the gun and fire on arriving enemies. They will walk in medium-sized groups, so you have to guess the distance and set up properly Add this game to your web page. Cannon Defense: American Civil War Edition.

Grand Tactician: The Civil War is a strategy game of dizzying proportions. What may well be the most ambitious treatment of the American Civil War in videogames hits Steam's Early Access this week.

Civil War buffs who like video games will love these Civil War strategy games. These games incorporate the various strategies used in the Civil War to allow you The list includes video games as well as board games and card games. The games on this list are best-sellers in their category and...

Games We Play - American Civil War. Campaign Shenandoah. The Shenandoah Valley, a place of beauty and natural wonder. But during the Civil War years, a place of great military value and strategic importance.

American Civil War is a scenario in the Civilization games. Main article: American Civil War (Civ2). Main article: American Civil War (Civ5). American Civil War is not present in (or the article has not been created for)...

American Civil War is a highly rated turn based strategy game set on the Southwest North America during the American Civil War 1861-1866. The object of the game is to conquer the area Union controls or at least hold on to as much area as possible for the South until the year 1866 to reach a...

History Civil War: Secret Missions (2008) (VIDEO GAME). Darkest of Days (2009) (VIDEO GAME). See also: Category:American Civil War video games. North & South (1989). Scourge of War (2010). Viet-Afghan (2011, Arsenal of Democracy add-on published by FRVP).

America's civil war lasted four years, from 1861 to 1865. America's civil war lasted four years, from 1861 to 1865. The southern states seceded and formed the Confederacy, fighting for their independence, while the northern Union saw secession as an act of treason and fought to restore...

I have also learned... the american civil war mod: revived! fredericksburg update (v 1.6.8) full version. The new update for the American Civil War Mod: Revived is ready for release! We will be revealing the last of the new regiments, as well as new scenes...

Clash of Giants: Civil War, takes the game system from Ted S. Raicer's popular and critically acclaimed Clash of Giants WWI series to two of the storied battles of the American Civil War: Second Bull Run and Gettysburg. CoG: Civil War uses a modified version of the chit-pull Activation system of...

Ironclads: American Civil War. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Naval simulation strategy game set during the American Civil War. Live. Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run X. It's time to play ALL WEEKEND LONG to raise money for charity!

This game will test your knowledge of the affiliation of the states and figures of the Civil War, the locations of the major battles, and the advantages the sides had over each other. With each answer you provide you'll learn a wealth of information!

American Civil War game with hundreds of enemies across 7 maps. Open Sourced version of American Civil War game for DOS, originally developed by Dagger Interactive This App combines video presentations, photos and first hand accounts to tell the story of this momentous year.

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    B. Battle of Antietam (video game) The Battle of Chickamauga (video game) Battleground (video game series) Battleground 2: Gettysburg. Battleground 4: Shiloh. Battleground 5: Antietam. Battleground 7: Bull Run. Battleground 9: Chickamauga.


     · A turn-based strategy game set during the American Civil War, developed by Gary Grigsby and his studio 2BY3 games. War Between the Sates take place from 1861 to 1865, and you play as the leader of either the Union or the Confederacy, trying to …


     · .American Civil War: The Road from Fort Sumter to Appomattox is a large-scale video game that focuses on all aspects of warfighting. With the ability to adjust everything, it is up to the player to set themselves up for success across a long campaign.


     · What are the best American Civil War Games? Grand Tactician (Early Access) Victory and Glory: The American Civil War; Ultimate General: Civil War; Gettysburg: The Tide Turns; Civil War: 1863; Civil War II; Scourge of War: Chancellorsville; Brother against Brother; The Operational Art of War 4 (Specific Scenarios) War of Rights (Early Access)

    About This Game The War of Brother Against Brother Victory and Glory: The American Civil War is a game of grand strategy and fast-play tactical battles where you take the role of either the Union or the Confederates and attempt to win. You will move your armies, fight …

    American Civil War ( 1998) American Civil War. Action, War | Video Game. Add a Plot ». Added to Watchlist. Add to Watchlist. View production, box office, & company info.


     · Made by Frank Hunter back in 1996, American Civil War: The Road from Fort Sumter to Appomattox is a strategy, turn-based game that covers the entire 4 year war. You receive the honour, nay, the privilege, to play the president of either the Confederacy or the …

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